Software Development

Teldware was founded by Eyjólfur Gislason, an expert in developing and implementing fast, precise data access and replication applications.

With more than 20 years of experience working within the IT field as a professional IT consultant and database expert/software developer, he’s continually looking for ways to improve performance in data warehouse environments by partitioning data over many small tables. In fact, this methodology led to what we like to call the Teldware method.

Need to replicate data from Oracle to Postgres? Or Oracle to Mysql? No problem. Eyjólfur’s extensive knowledge in Oracle, Perl, and Unix has you covered.

21+ years experience
17+ years experience
23+ years experience

Information Retrieval

As an expert in data retrieval and Oracle databases and with a background that includes Unix/Linux and Perl, Eyjólfur can work with you to create an application that does precisely what you want. If you ever worked with your current legacy systems and said, “This works great, but I really wish it also did xyz,” then contact us here and let Eyjólfur help develop you a solution that does precisely what you want.

Eyjólfur has built applications for governments (the Faroese government [Gjaldstovan]) relies heavily on him, as do larger corporate entities and telecoms. And whatever application you need built, a conversation with him will not be a waste of time.

Can we help you develop an application that does exactly what you need?