User-Friendly Economic follow-up solution


Teldware becomes your ERP front end. It’s secure, easy to use, intuitive in design, and works with Oracle e-Business Suite and other relational databases management system (RDBMS) sources.

Give your smartest people access to everything, and watch what happens. . .

Our flagship product and company namesake, Teldware, is the answer to your economic follow-up issues.

Most organisations do not have easy access to the numbers behind the numbers. Many companies will assign someone to manually work with data (“Here, export all 15,000 products and then track sales by salespeople and manually input it on a spreadsheet. See you in a month”), but that is unwieldy, inaccurate, time consuming, and in the end, never produces what you want.

Teldware Solves That

Ideal for corporations, government, or any medium to enterprise-level organization, Teldware allows for follow-up to be quickly and efficiently preformed in the manner the user desires. Your economic data can be analyzed to help operations run better, better track and allocate resources, and discover crucial facts that were not readily apparent.

Specific Examples and Practical Uses

Example 1

We also have an ERP system that records the financial data but cannot forecast expenditure. So we must manually export data and work with it to forecast to understand whether the expected expenditures is in line with budget.

Example 2

Our legacy system is great and integrates with EDI quite nicely. However, it cannot distinguish which of the new customer locations are the most effective for certain products. This data is certainly available, but data retrieval takes someone hours to export, print, and compile.

Example 3

I never realized how hard my people worked when I said “Get me the data for X in geographic area Y.” I thought it was a simple request and that the data was easily available; I didn’t realize that giving me the specifics I wanted required hours of manual work simply because the ERP system didn’t work that way. This is 2015. Certainly, something exists that can do this, right?

Teldware Solves That

Teldware for Your Company or Organization

Tell us what you are looking for. We will customize Teldware to work with your legacy systems, implement everything, and provide ongoing support. Your numbers will work for you in ways you never thought possible. This is economic follow-up at its finest.

Teldware FAQ

Why should we consider Teldware data retrieval system?

Because having easy access to your financial data will empower your employees, improve decision making and save time. Data is, without question, the most underused resource of almost any organization.

What separates Teldware from the rest?

The shortest data retrieval response times, guaranteed. We’re talking seconds in most cases.

Flexible access control.

Simple but not simplistic.

Unique, patented technology.


Highly customizable – We modify our solution to fit your specific needs and maintain it afterwards.

How much does it cost?

It depends on the size of your organization, the scope of the project, and how similar your data sources are to what we have previously encountered.

Which database systems does it work with?

It works with any relational database system, such as Oracle database or SQL Server database. We have adapted the system to Oracle e-Business Suite, Microsoft Dynamics Nav, and various other customer-specific data sources.

What is the Teldware

It is our secret sauce, incorporating a mixture of interface, access control, change detection, context sensitivity, navigation, partitioning and includes our patent.

If you have data, we’ll ensure
Teldware can retrieve it.