As Head of Department at the Ministry of Culture I have for several years used Teldware as one of my leadership tools. In my opinion Teldware is an excellent management tool of any direction in order to follow the production numbers. The system has been improved much during the last few years and now has even more good qualities and new facilities. Teldware is easy to use both for the management and for the employees.


Bjarni Wilhelm,Department at the Faroes Ministry of Culture

We’ve used Teldware for the last 12 years or so. It’s been continuously developed from being a high-level information system to being a complete business intelligence system that gives me any information I may need. Fast and easy, it’s built as a drilling tool on top of the Oracle e-Business Suite and has made all the information that the e-Business Suite stores and manages easily accessible and presentable. Any information presented by Teldware system is easily exported to MS Excel for further analysis and presentation.

The Teldware management information system has been used by the Faroese government for the last 12 years. It contains and presents information on the state budget as well as accounting information consolidated against the state budget. It’s an excellent data warehouse as well.

I strongly recommend Teldware as the primary source of business intelligence for any corporation or organization, regardless of size or complexity.


Mr. Brynleif Poulsen, Chief Accounting Officer,The Faroes Financial Administration

Teldware gives me a very good and easy way to get the financial information I need. I have seen many different financial executive information systems, but none of them is as easy to use as Teldware. I will absolutely recommend it to anyone who needs complex information quickly and easily.


Poul Geert Hansen, Permanent Secretary,The Faroes Ministry of Health Affairs

Teldware was introduced as a part of our system (bookkeeping, salary, and other programs) some years ago. Teldware has had a radical change on our daily work. Instead of looking up in different systems, we can now pull all kinds of information out of Teldware within seconds. Wishful thinking has turned into reality.


Judith Mohr, over assistant, bookkeeping,Klaksvíks Hospital

Teldware gives an outstanding overview as well as insight into our accounting system, and with its logical set-up it is an integral part of the budgetary and economic analyses that we conduct at the Ministry of Finance.

Terji Petersen

Terji Petersen, Senior Advisor,Faroe Islands Ministry of Finance

We have used the Teldware for three years. It gives us a daily, quick overview of our financial situation.


Jógvan Simonsen, Accountant,The Faroes Environment Agency