Demand More from Your Data Retrieval Processes

by Eyjólfur Gislason

As the creators of Teldware, we think everyone should demand more from their data retrieval processes. If you are in an organization that utilizes business information systems, you should demand a data retrieval process that:

  • Is inexpensive to operate, provides a quick overview of everything, and gives you fast access the specific details you require
  • Is easy and intuitive to use for non-technical  people and has the capability to handle up to 700 users a day
  • Gives you clear, concise navigational options that are context dependent
  • Is reliable (In other words, it works when you need it to.)
  • Self-correcting whenever possible and simple to troubleshoot
  • Gives you fast access to voucher documents, forecasts, and expense/appropriation comparisons while also allowing for user-defined budgetary input
  • Gives you correct results in agreement with source systems and includes data from all important sources
  • Is simple and cost effective to implement, adapt, scale, and integrate, without disturbing users. The ability to adapt to changing environments and data sources is paramount as well.
  • Contains built-in access control that reflects the organization, their accounts and structures
  • Gives each user a personal home page and browser based access, while keeping the main software off users’ PCs (yet supports export of data to user systems)
  • Refreshes the underlying data several times daily (while being simultaneously used) and provides reports of system usage
  • Provides fast, intuitive spreadsheet export capabilities
  • Gives you relevant graphics, charts, and other data in a single click
  • Maintained and operated by the vendor with 99.9% up-time.
  • Has a minimal resource footprint and has been developed iteratively using agile development methods
  • Is secure. No ad hoc access to data, and bypassing the centralized application and user control is impossible.

Does the above sound good? Then talk to Teldware.

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