The Teldware Method: Removing One of the Biggest Obstacles for Any Organization

by Eyjólfur Gislason

The Teldware Method: Removing One of the Biggest Obstacles for Any Organization

One of the things all organizations – whether they are for-profit businesses, government agencies, or similar – struggle with the most is also one of their simplest, most essential components: data.

In plain terms, getting the right data efficiently is always problematic and time consuming.

Managers and employees have trouble uncovering data that’s theoretically available in their various ERP systems and databases but is difficult to mine and extract. They know that opportunities and sales are often lost because of this. Fortunately, there is a more powerful, more effective process available: the Teldware method.

I have worked for over 15 years to develop an effective solution to address the problems with data retrieval. I call my solution the Teldware method, which was awarded US Patent #8676772. Already the data retrieval system of choice for the Faeroese government (Gjaldstovan) since 1997, the Teldware method brings the fastest, most reliable data retrieval available for Oracle eBusiness Suite users.

Through the Teldware method, you can expect:

  • Response times of under 2 seconds for over 93% of inquiries
  • Response times of under 15 seconds for 99.5% of inquiries
  • Data updates 2-3 times daily
  • Seamless, simple usability and integration


What Makes the Teldware Method Essential?

It’s simplicity. It’s really that simple (pardon the pun).

Truthfully, it shouldn’t take an exceptionally tech-savvy professional to retrieve basic, necessary data. Yet many companies are finding that the general employees – and even their managers – are unable to retrieve data. Even retrieving something basic, such as “Which locations requested item XYZ in week 9 of the calendar year?” is a frustrating process. The fault isn’t the individual’s; it’s the system’s fault. The data is technically there, but it can’t be put together. So someone must manually logs the data…

For users in any organization depending on data retrieval, waiting significant amounts of time for tedious data retrieval has become a norm that drains efficiency throughout the workday. Plus, employees simply don’t like doing it.

With the Teldware method, standard time-consuming reporting is becoming a thing of the past. And it’s so easy to use and integrate that you won’t even need a specialist for data modeling. Teldware can retrieve the data you need.

Don’t Choose between Functionality and Speed

With a familiar web browsing interface users already know, the Teldware method is both fast and functional. Whether searching for aggregated data or minute details, the Teldware method is fast and simple. If your organization could benefit from:

• More professional consultations;

• Tailored applications; and

• More efficient data retrieval…

then see why hundreds of users already trust in the Teldware method.

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